Go Correct
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Daily English practice with a qualified teacher

Improve your grammar, vocabulary and confidence.

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☆ British Council ELTons - 2019 Award Winner ☆

Daily questions

Your teacher sends a question every day (5 days a week). You can write 60 words in your reply. Choose intermediate or advanced level.

Mistakes corrected

Your teacher corrects your mistakes.
The teacher is a native English speaker.

Mistakes explained

Click a mistake to see a short explanation.
See your scores. See advice for where to improve.

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Go Correct is perfect for you if...

• you already know English, you just need practice.
• you don’t have an opportunity to use English in your daily life.
• you want to be more confident in English.
• you’re preparing for an English exam.

Who created Go Correct?

Go Correct was created by a qualified English teacher from England. She has over 10 years of experience teaching English.

What do students say about Go Correct?

“You can see the mistakes that normally nobody tells you about. Usually you never know if what you are saying is right or wrong.”
“Sometimes I need English for my work but I don’t use it all the time. Go Correct helps me keep practising so I’m ready to use English at any moment.”
“I’ve taken so many English lessons in my life but I’m still not confident. This lets me practise in a useful way.”

Winner of the British Council ELTons award for digital innovation in English language teaching.